11 year Investigator and Video maker.  Travel often to haunted locations and shoot videos in various places. My goal is to submit the best videos and paranormal evidence I can. We are not alone.

 My YouTube Channel is Youtube.com/SunCoastFilms



Saint Albans Sanatorium


Sloss Furnace Birmingham

                      Hunting is the art and technique

Using several different cameras. Full spectrum, Night Vision. Modded Go-pros and regular filming cameras Canon XA-11 and the Sony AX-53 as well as HD Trail cams.

I use several K2's and various EMF detectors. SB-7 Spirit box and the ghost box from Ghost stop. Also the Deadwave APP, Several voice recorders. RCA RP5130, Olympus VN4100PC and the Tascam DR-05.

I use Zomie tripods and A variety of IR lights. I use different Trigger Objects. I often travel to haunted locations and stay 2 to 3 days. 

Thomas house Hotel
Me and Mike G (TWC) Moon River Brewery, Savannah, Ga
Haunted Defuniak Hotel
Ft Crawford Cemtery, Brewton Al Full spectrum

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